Behind the Mother Goddess 

Mata Ni Pachedi, or “behind the Goddess”, refers to an offering made to the Deity. Long time ago, Chitaris created cloth-paintings which were used as Shrines for worship. It was believed that when the Goddess blessed, an offering would be made to her to express gratitude. As time has evolved, so has the art. India is home to a culture of worship and the many stories associated with it. Art, initially used to express these stories has now become a piece of tradition that continues but without as much fanfare.  Contemporary initiative have led the artists to illustrate on paper and create many stories using the popular motifs. If you think this is similar to the Kalamkari paintings – true, the technique is largely the same- but the intent, stories and motifs are entirely different !  While a pioneering artist Jagdish Chitari has contributed artwork to Tara Books’ “The Great Race” or BlueTokai’s coffee packaging, a lot remains to be experimented with.  It is this journey of exploration that makes the art to addictive, and so endearing. Join us at the workshop, and indulge yourselves 🙂

An insight into the art, by the students of NIFT (Fashion Communication).


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