Warli Art: Life in Paintings

Warli Art

Life in Warli

Warli art is practiced by the people residing near the forest area of Dahanu and Talaseri district of Maharashtra. It is believed that this tribal art depicts the relationship of an artist with the various determinants of life like traditions, rituals, family and livelihood. A combination of stories, myths, realities, humour, etc., Warli depicts the rustic tribal life. The wall paintings use a very basic geometrical vocabulary: a circle, a triangle and a square, all of which represents natural elements such as sun, moon, mountains, pointed trees and a piece of land. Traditionally these paintings were made by women to decorate the walls of their houses during festive occasions like marriages or harvests. With time, the art has evolved. The artists have now started illustrating Warli on paper, clay pots, clothes, etc. to renew the spirit of story interpretations of their ancestral art. Warli artists such as Shantaram Tumbada and Jivya Soma Mashe have also taken this art to international platforms with their creations such as ‘Evolution of Wheel’ or ‘The Ant’. The ability to absorb regional, national and now, global influences along with novelty of its representation medium, makes it a dynamic and evolving form of art. 

Here is glimpse into the art, by the students of NID. This weekend join us and learn this art form to create your own story. 


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