Q. Is there a specific age limit for attending the Workshops? 

A. Anybody between the age of 7 and 11 can attend the Workshop series.

Q. If someone is differently-abled, can they still attend?

A. Yes! Our volunteers are around for any assistance, and the participant can also bring along a friend 🙂

Q. Do I need to register in advance for the Workshops? 

A. Yes. We only have 15 seats in a batch for these Series, so you will ideally need to reserve your spot beforehand.

Q. How do I register?

A. You can either Pay Online, Drop a Cheque at the nearest Axis Bank or visit us at the Happy Hands office (by appointment only). It is compulsory to fill the Registration Form to complete your Registration.

Q. How do I know my spot has been reserved?

A. You get a receipt for the Workshops you pay for. In case of online payment, we will email you a receipt.

Q. Can I attend one workshop and then register for any other workshop?

A. We would advise you to reserve your spots in advance as we would be unable to accommodate a last minute request owing to limited availability of space. We also arrange for material according to the number of registrations.

Q. In case I am unable to attend a workshop after Registering for the same, can I avail a Refund?

A. Unfortunately, refunds are not possible. You can surely transfer your seat to someone.

Q. Is there a Dress Code for the Workshops?

A. We advise you to be dressed as comfortably as possible, and carry an old T-Shirt/Apron to cover yourself.

Q. Does one get a Certificate for attending a Workshop?

A: Certificates would only be given to child-participants.

Q. I am unable to attend all days of the workshop. Do I still get a Certificate?

A. Each workshop is divided into certain number of hours. If you’re unable to attend a particular day, you can adjust it by attending 2 sessions in one day. However, we will need you to inform us BEFORE registrations CLOSE. Remember, seats are limited.

Q. Can I be accompanied by a friend/parent/spouse?

A. Sure. One person can accompany you. However, seating inside the workshop space is limited, and it will only depend on availability.

Q. Does the venue have provisions for snacks/refreshments?

A. We would be providing a small snack to the participants. Cafe Lota is located within the museum premises, and you can always grab a bite/coffee there 🙂



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